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Moi by adamadman Moi :iconadamadman:adamadman 0 0
Lies of life
Why do we lie?
Destroys our souls,
Steals our innocence,
Captures our humanity.
All I've found it does,
Is fuck everyone's lies up,
Makes us beasts,
Shreds our hearts.
But who can blame us?
In our society,
Where even languages lie to one-another,
Science isn't even fact,
And Black isn't always Black.
Have we, in our advanced consciousness,
Become lower than animals?
Bottom of the hierarchy?
Dregs of nature?
Or is all this God's doing?
The supreme one punishing us,
For yesterday's wrong doing?
Above all, all I know is that,
You have destroyed me,
Annihilated my feelings,
Broken any trust I had for you.
You could be anyone,
Getting in my head,
In my routine,
In my shattered heart...
:iconadamadman:adamadman 1 0
Brown dipped in fluffy soot
A brilliant pink giant jellyworm,
Ping-pong sized orbs of white, pure diamond-brown, and black,
A cute spongier mountain with two holes,
2 medium sized smoothe rosey, barron surfaces,
A big mysterious red hole, feather-soft
A stalactite, perfectly formed.
A beech tree trunk,
A oak tree trunk, upsidedown with two rocks either side,
Two of Satan's pits,
Oak tree branches off into three,
Two modules of heaven, bearing one acorn each,
A gate, pretecting the tree, ends, making sand and glass,
Then, a dwelling of evil appears, where the scourge of the universe comes from,
Protection of the scourge dwells,
Followed by the end of the world...
The Last Pillars of the Parthenon,
Holding up the Beautiful World,
That one amazing thing inhabits,
All to the base, the roots of the Brown,
Covered in fluffy soot...
:iconadamadman:adamadman 0 6
Beauty is only skin-deep.
Take off those shades,
Let me see those eyes,
The eyes which ties me in knots,
The eyes which makes me weak at the knees.
Take off that make-up;
That second face,
Skin pure as snow,
And soft as silk.
Take off your clothes,
Hidious opaque cloth,
Curves that make Aphrodite cry;
Skin less touched than Mary's.
Take off your skin,
For what lies beneath,
A heart of gold,
And beauty deeper than skin.
Take off yourself,
Everything must go,
But the faint scent of Rose,
And a soul made of Chrystal.
Then I put all that back,
Like a human jigsaw,
And think I've gone wrong,
When what I once saw,
Is but a facade of mere objects.
:iconadamadman:adamadman 1 0
songs of praise
When all we know is falling,
It's a great day to start again.
Inside my shell i wait and bleed,
Yet i feel more alive than ever,
Maybe it's because I let you love me.
All hope is gone,
And I'll never survive,
With dead memories in my heart,
You could be mine,
Still craving your kiss,
But you just think "Another one bites the dust!".
:iconadamadman:adamadman 1 26
When I live, I breathe,
When I sleep, I dream,
When I eat, I pray,
When I fall ill, I hope.
When I love, I hurt,
When I remember, I forget,
When I listen, I tire,
When I die, I live.
:iconadamadman:adamadman 1 66
ancient voices IMPROVED
The voices are speaking out to me,
The voices of the past,
The great pharaohs to average people,
They want help,
They are pleading for vengeance,
They want to kill god,
He says no living creature shall be harmed,
Why do we die then?
The voices are speaking out to me,
George Washington to saints,
Pluto took mercy on them,
But the underworld is too crowded,
If the lord wanted to stop the world being over-crowded,
He should create a giant flood,
And make one of us His Noah.
The voices are speaking out to me,
Queen Victoria to thieves,
As clear as a crystal,
As sound as a bell,
They say stop the revolt,
For god is stopping us from falling,
Into the pitfall of a fiery hellish agonising afterlife,
The voices are speaking out to us.
:iconadamadman:adamadman 1 22
i met you, i loved you
I met you,
I'm glad I did,
Whenever I see you,
I'm glad I have,
Because I love you
:iconadamadman:adamadman 2 19
when, now
i was happy, i smiled
i was sad, i cried,
i was sick, i was green,
i was embaressed, i was red
i was loved, i loved
i was hated, i hated
when i'm happy, i stop frouning
when i'm sad, i self-harm
when i'm sick, i make a month of it
when i'm embaressed, i don't care
when i'm loved, it means alot to me
when i'm hated, i die
:iconadamadman:adamadman 2 15
Socks are stripy,
Socks are dotty,
Socks are plain,
Socks are patterned
Socks, socks,
Faboulous things,
Some are warm,
Some are holey
Mixed and matched,
In the wash,
One is pink,
And one is blue
Socks are stripy,
Socks are dotty,
Socks are plain,
Socks are patterned
:iconadamadman:adamadman 0 46
the journey part 1
I kissed his freshly shaven cheek and cried. I knew I was never coming back. But something inside of me thought i was, and that bit of me I tried to keep fresh in my mind, like a daisy in a summer meadow. showing it off with all my pride, although it is usless, resistance is futile
:iconadamadman:adamadman 1 39
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE by adamadman HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE :iconadamadman:adamadman 0 6 ADAMADMAN by adamadman ADAMADMAN :iconadamadman:adamadman 0 0 depth by adamadman depth :iconadamadman:adamadman 0 6 christmas tree by adamadman christmas tree :iconadamadman:adamadman 0 0 streetlight snow 2 by adamadman streetlight snow 2 :iconadamadman:adamadman 0 0

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United Kingdom
well, how can you get to kno someone from a paragraph? if you wanna get to know me, just message me :) i don't bite, people don't taste nice

Current Residence: england
deviantWEAR sizing preference: probaly medium
Print preference: mine
Favourite genre of music: METAL/PUNK/ROCK/JAZZ any of it which is like that(not classical really though)
Favourite photographer: any photographer on here
Favourite style of art: manga
Operating System: whats that???
MP3 player of choice: one that works
Shell of choice: a snails
Wallpaper of choice: the stuff we used to have in our hallway
Skin of choice: tis one
Favourite cartoon character: i don't have one
Personal Quote: luck fife
I shall be making a new deviantART account, leftysheppey. I'm not sure if it shall be used, but the chances are there'll be more french than english in there.

Je vais faire un nouveau compte, leftysheppey. Je ne suis pas certain s'il va être utilisé, mais il y a un chance qu'il y aura plus français qu'Anglais

I love you all for supporting me :)
Je vous aime tout pour me soutenir. 

Thank you :)
Merci beaucoup
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hey! Not sure if you remember me, but in like 2008-2010 ish I was mychemhead and then later merricksuds (Which I never used much/ever), but I'm back! lol after a few years, so I'm trying to hunt down old friends and what not, so yep. lol.
adamadman Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
i remember you alright ;) you just, vanished haha
beckysuds Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
yeah i did lol, I was going through a bit of a break i suppose. But I'm in art school now and whatnot so I've been pretty active on here.
PLCarter Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012
what Tehknirius said is true, just because it's good to be sure :P
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thanks man. to be truthful, im not on here much anymore...but i'll try and get on more. thanks again :)
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by the way your curtains look lovely from behind the should open them more often :iconraepfaceplz:
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lovly to meet you stalker...
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